Thursday 17 January 2013


Yes, it happened, and on only my second day in Rome at that. It must have happened on my return journey from Piazza di Spagna, because I took the wallet out of my back pocket to pay the modest fee of €4.50 to visit the Keats-Shelley Museum, and went straight back into the Metro station after my visit. I didn’t notice a thing, must have been an expert that did it. Luckily, my wallet didn’t contain my credit cards, as I got fed up of getting them damaged from sitting on them and now carry them in a zipped pocket in my jacket. This meant, of course, that I was able to get more money as soon as I noticed that my wallet was missing. 

The contents of my wallet, to which I must now bid a fond goodbye, as I must eventually bid goodbye to life itself (poor Keats had to at the age of 25), were as follows:
€120 in cash.
A damaged Mastercard. I have since got a replacement, which is in the aforementioned zipped pocket.
Several other cards of dubious value to the robber, such as those for Limerick City and County Libraries, for Irish Voluntary Health Insurance, a long-expired one for EU Health Insurance.
A number of long-standing calling cards given to me by people I did not get around to calling.
A card which will raise the barrier for the robber if he or she ever wishes to drive into Curragh Chase Forest Park, County Limerick.
An expired, and therefore invalid, driving licence.
A number of receipts for recent purchases.

I did not like the Rome Metro when I travelled on it today, and obviously I like it even less now that I’ve discovered its overcrowded and claustrophobic atmosphere has led to the stealing of my wallet. Tomorrow I intend to investigate travelling by bus and tram.


  1. Sorry to hear about your incident on the Metro :( but GREAT that you had your cards elsewhere. That particular division of resources is one of my top tips for travel. Keep your cards, away from your cash, and have another stash of cash in your bag, in the safe, in your room :)

  2. This is it, Paul! Keep the resources separate, don't put all eggs in one basket. The funny thing is, I didn't deliberately keep my cards separate from cash, I just did it because I kept my wallet in my back pocket with cards and everything inside, and so kept sitting on my cards and damaging and having to replace them. Nice to hear from you. It's pissing rain here again, still 'Rain in Rome' nice alliterative ring to it, or 'Rome in the Rain' top twenty hit!

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