Monday 10 January 2011


'Where was he going, this man against the sky?
You know not, nor do I."
Edward Arlington Robinson

Well, the man in this picture is not exactly against the sky, but he seems to be heading in that direction. In the near distance on the left is the Limerick poet Mark Whelan. The occasion is the Cuisle Limerick Poetry Festival's trip to the Burren in 2008. Beyond the drystone wall in the foreground is the road where we stopped to take in this barren beauty. While the rest of us were content to stay near the road, Mark seemed to 'take a notion' to explore in a more hands-on manner this landscape of boulders, scree, wind-bent shrubs and grykes.

L to R: Ana Jelnikar (Ljubljana), John Davies (Brighton), YT, Sudeep Sen (New Delhi), Iztok Osojnik (Ljubljana). Mark was still exploring when our driver, Tom Lewis, took this photo.

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