Tuesday 16 November 2010


My boarding school group picture 1958. Say the Hungarian for Cheese. He's talking shoyt, that O'Driscoll fellow. I'm telling you now. Free copy of my latest poetry collection, 'Life Monitor' (signed and numbered limited edition) to the first person who can name the college.
A clue: it no longer exists, but was in the southern half of Ireland.
'My Greek Teacher' (see Blog of same name) is in second row from bottom, fifth from the left. The Maths Teacher (see subsequent blog) is tenth from the left in same row. I am in second row from top, seventh from left (the one with the rumpled tie).


  1. I already have a copy of Life Monitor - a great read - so I won't try for this prize. But I DO know the anwser. Patricia

  2. Hi Patricia,
    Thanks for your comment. I'm curious to know how you know, and if you recognize anyone in the photo.

  3. Ciaran, I'm afraid my first response to your blog was an instinctive 'I know the answer. It is Mungret College and I can see the poet JFD in the group.' Now I realise I was totally off the mark! But I do have your book and have read it cover to cover. That's not a lie. Patricia

  4. Patricia, thanks for reading my book so thoroughly. I well remember yours, and the sounds like a tuning fork at the cave's mouth, and the Jacob's girls. For your info, the college was Rochestown College, Cork, run by Capuchin Franciscans. It is now a hotel I believe.