Monday, 1 November 2010


For the past few years, one of the features of Cuisle, Limerick City’s International Poetry Festival, has been a Saturday trip to the Burren for those of the visiting poets who would like to see the remarkable landscape. This year Veronika Dintinjana (Slovenia), Allan Peterson (USA), James Brookes (UK), his partner Charlotte Newman (UK) and Ondrej, a young film student from the Czech Republic, opted for the trip. I went with them as representative of the festival committee. We were driven in two cars through the heart of the Burren by the festival chauffeur and his assistant, whose main job is to collect and deliver poets from and to Shannon. We had lunch in Linnane’s Oyster Bar, New Quay, and drove back along the Atlantic Drive, stopping for a while at a spot on the famous ‘Flaggy Shore’, where Ondrej filmed some of the poets reciting against a background of Burren flagstones, grykes, boulders, and the Atlantic.
It was 16 October. Once more, Cuisle was lucky with the weather: it was a beautiful day, all day.

 Allan Peterson, Charlotte Newman, James Brookes and self

Veronika Dintinjana tries her first oysters at Linnane's

(Photos from Allan Peterson)


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