Sunday 3 October 2010


The future's like an unsent letter:
addressed but not yet stamped or sealed or weighed
or even waited on as yet, as yet
as yet it says, not yetted yet, unyesterdayed,
tommorrow’s post but somehow post-tomorrow,
tomorrowing itself out of today.

By ANDREW JAMISON, published in Cyphers, No 70


When I went to my son's parent-teacher meeting
the teachers sat at their desks smiling.
Each had a book of noughts.

I sat opposite
each teacher in turn.

When each one had finished
showing me their book of noughts
they asked me if I understood
the meaning of noughts.

I nodded saying it was obvious
that noughts stood for absence.

And they all nodded too.

By TERESA LALLY, published in Cyphers No 70.

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