Sunday 25 July 2021


 Standing within the Grange Stone Circle which is more grandiosely titled 'The Eternal Circle of the Sun' at twelve noon yesterday, Saturday 24th July 2021, eight poets read three poems each (give or take) while the Surrealist Kevin Bateman, the organizer of the reading, recorded them for YouTube. The happening was one of a series of events conceived by Bateman – 'Events in Spiritual Places That People Have Forgotten To Visit'.

The actual event was not advertised to the public, but the recording is now available on YouTube at the following link:

The reading, in July sunshine with a pleasant cooling breeze, had to contend a couple of times with the noise of passing tractors, as this stone circle is right beside the road from Limerick to Kilmallock. But it was, for me as a participant, a very unique and treasured experience, as I think it may also have been for my fellow readers. I hope the browsers of this blog will be likewise impressed by its presentation on YouTube.

Each reader was presented with a hag stone before they left, as an amulet against witchcraft.


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