Wednesday 14 November 2012


Delighted to see a new review of 'A Year's Midnight' on this morning. Written by  'Blighty', it is succinct, allusive, witty and seasonal.

Dark amid the blaze of noon13 Nov 2012
This review is from: A Year's Midnight (Paperback)
George, like his sainted namesake, is tormented by dragons in the rural Italian retreat that he and Barbara have chosen for a year of serenity, following his breakdown. Yet the burning Mediterranean sun cannot dispel the darkness within, until George goes down to the woods one day ... and discovers a big surprise. Ciaran O'Driscoll's tale of personal rebirth in Italy, mother to the wider Renaissance, displays the poet's ear for words and keen eye for detail. Barbara's symptoms, for example, "evaporated, like water off the shell of a boiled egg". The book is tautly written and just the right length for a Christmas read by the fireside. 

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